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Our week in Ilha Solteira

(Tuesday 21 July 2009) by Brennan-adventures
Hello to you all,
How is everything?? I think a few of you are away on holiday at the moment… hope you had a great time.

Well things here have been really quiet in Ilha Solteira; we only had to go for dinner twice this week.
On Wed we went to the Paderia (bakery) and had dinner with Fabricio, a student who had spent some time in Southampton. He is due to return to Southampton for 3 years to complete a PHD. It was great to see him again; however he was trying to get us to visit his parent’s house for a few days…. We are running out of time!!! I think we are only going to manage to have lunch together. :-(

Our next evening out was Friday, it was a birthday party at Gilberto’s house for his daughter who was 20yrs old. She is studying to be a Doctor in another city, so it was nice to meet up again. She had brought her boyfriend and for him it seemed initiation by fire…. All these new people to meet, but he did well.

I was having “the cravings” this week… "Thanks god" there is no way I could be pregnant…. Think it is a deficiency in my diet.
I was craving baked beans…English style. The strange thing is I do not eat them in England!!
I made up a recipe and bought some beans, adding beans to tomato puree and water with some Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar. All these ingredients were boiled in a pressure cooker for 2 hours. The end result was good…. Not quite the same colour but the taste was OK. I am one of the crazy people who prefer the beans cold, so straight from the fridge Yummy…. I had enough for 2 meals a day all week!! :-\

The tooth whitening is coming along well, Mike and I still grinning at one another like Barbary Apes to check out the colour. I think we now just have the restoration work to be done. :-D

Mike also managed to get me organised with a room in his building to go and work as well as getting internet…. I feel much more at home there and actually get some work done.!! :-):-)

On Sat I had my annual tattoo done…. The eyebrows, I still have managed to control the girl, and the eyebrows look European rather than Brazilian big thick Brook Shields type!!
The only problem ….. IT HURTS!! :-( Especially when I turn up on time, she puts on the anaesthetic gel then takes another woman in to work on….....1 hour later I am called in; by the time she was half way through the tatooing the gel has worn off…...... I am trying so hard to be unconcerned about the pain but at times a whimper is heard I am afraid!! :-|
Thankfully it was finished within 40mins… Now just the healing process….. For the first few days I have to be careful sleeping so I do not get stuck to the pillowcase 8-O ….plenty of Vaseline on the eyebrows methinks!!

Well off to the café for coffee will not use their Wi-Fi…. That will give them a shock!!
Tonight we are going to have fish and chips for dinner!!
The fish and chips were lovely and the only problem I had was being overfull because I was greedy!!

We have just been watching the most politically incorrect program I have seen in a long time…. It is a game show that has women of various ages in the audience. The host (male) has dolly bird dancers in skimpy costumes looking pretty but not really having any purpose we could determine??!!

This program is 3-4 hours long and is split into different categories such as.... funny film clips; pre-filmed games with people trying to cross impossible obstacles.....Do you know the words to a song; and try to guess the question someone would ask a member on a panel of celebrities.
The last two games needed audience participation. To be able to pick 4 ladies to come forward from the audience the host was asking for…..

Ladies with the biggest boobs.
Ladies with no boobs
Ladies who are thin
Ladies who were fat.

He had no hesitation in checking out the merchandise, and was always going for their breasts where the name badge was and lifting the badge… oops touching the breast at the same time!! :-\

“Oh are you not thin and lovely” says he, while walking around the contestant patting her bum!! x-|

The prize for getting a question correct was the equivalent of £20.00. I have no idea how he didn’t end up getting a fat lip with all this pawing!! :-?
He is no addonis, infact he is old and has had so much plastic surgery he looks like an android. :-x

Well enough of me blethering on.
Sorry no photos this blog… nothing interesting to take..

Have fun folks.
Laur x

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