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On the way to Bonito

(Saturday 8 August 2009) by Brennan-adventures
Hi Folks,
Well we had fish and chips again on Tuesday night… becoming a habit !! We took Daniel and his wife as a thank you for their meal…. Sirlene was so stressed when she arrived, All 15 red fish had suddenly died that afternoon, she had called the vet and seemingly it was a parasite that attacked them, the fish get blotches on their scales and die within 3 days… The baby fish were another type, and so far they are all ok. :-):-)

Next day we were on our travels again. We are visiting Bonito, an area of Beauty near the Pantanal region of Brasil. The state is Mato Grosso do Sul. It is the next state to us, just over the Dam.
This state is huge, we travelled 5 hours on the first day and another 6 hours the next day and we are still in the same state!! Just over the otherside of the dam before you arrive in Selveria, there is a roundabout with about 40 termite mounds, looks like a city of high-rise flats!!
We drove to a city called Campo Grande…(Big country) On the way there the countryside was a bit boring, lot of huge open fields with nothing growing except a few trees and scrubby bushes, in a few of the fields were cows but no crops growing.

Driving along the road we came towards a cowboy on a mule waving a red flag??? So far the waving red flag usually has meant road works but never has the man been dressed as a cowboy or been on horseback!!
We were a little puzzled until over the next hill in front of us was the largest herd of cattle I have ever seen, the cattle were all over the road and side of the grassy areas at the sides of the road. The cowboys were on a mixture of horses and mules… The traffic was not stopping, just very slowly picking their way through all this cattle… I think there was nearly a thousand head of cattle being controlled by 6 people…..
Well a motorbike passed me and started weaving through the cattle, ahead were 2 cowboys on horses and 1 on a mule…. The mule got spooked and started braying and leaping around and bucking. The rider was taken by surprise and held on for grim death…. All seemed ok until the mule slipped and fell on its side; the cowboy was them thrown off…. I do not know how his leg was not broken!!! He looked a bit sheepish and the others were trying to catch this stupid mule. :-^
The cattle were paying no heed to anything that was going on, and did not seem perturbed by the traffic picking their way through the herd…. Including huge articulated lorries.
Passing by as carefully as I could, we got through with no damage to beast or vehicle… whew!!

We got to Campo Grande around 5pm and Mike had a really good map this time so we found the Hotel no bother. The city was about 3 times the size of Southampton…. It only had one small shopping centre, and the usual eating places were inside…. We managed to eat there early, and both find something we could eat. }-):-*
Our hotel room that night was very hot and the bed seemed tiny, the air-con unit had no control knobs so we couldn’t re-set the freezyness!! Needless to say the night was long and the morning arrived with me looking like a dishevelled devil with an allergy to daylight!! 8-O
The time also changes in this state, the hour difference becomes 5 hours instead of 4 to the U.K. We have decided to stay on Sao Paulo state time, as it will not seem so bad when we have to get up early for our activities ….. Warped logic I know!!

Next morning after breakfast onwards to Bonito, the countryside started changing, cattle fields became maize/sweetcorn fields. There is seemingly about 5 different types of maize that is grown… unfortunately they are all kept on the plant until they are dried out like bullets, they never seem to soften after this even if cooked for 2 hours in the pressure cooker.
Well we saw some wild Emas (Rheas) in the fields… Screeching to a stop hopefully we managed a photo. Just after we moved off Mike managed to skilfully to avoid an armadillo which was trying to cross the road… whew wouldn’t like that on my conscious. :-|

Some of the fields we passed had corn, wheat or sheep in them. We then started approaching hills and wooded areas, this lasted 10-20kms, when again it changed to fields with trees and shrubs. We were heading towards the hills….. Now this is supposed to be a beautiful place, all we were seeing was trees and scrub!!! Help…. hope we have made a good choice.

Well turning into the road for the hotel, things started to look a little better, and the hotel itself looked really rustic. There was a wild Toucan on the bar nibbling some nuts that had been put out for it…. Usually the Toucans you see around bars have their wings clipped, but this one could fly off whenever it wanted. The room was lovely, and controls on the air-con!! :-D:-D

We then saw a couple of Macaws again wild and could fly off whenever they wanted. There was talk of there being armadillos here, will let you know.
There is a couple of trail walks, we went on one…..Making sure we were all covered with bug spray.. It took us through the trees, we felt like adventures; however we were walking on wooden boards, so not so dangerous as we liked to think!!
We saw the river where we would be snorkelling and floating down in large rings…. It was so clear, but quite deep in places. I am a little anxious about it, but I think so far nobody has drown!! The mossies however are vicious little beggars even slathered with anti-mossie spray they are eating me!! >:-) God help us in the water!!

Yipee I am sooo happy got a photo of the armadillo, it appeared as we were having dinner. It seemed quite put out with all the fuss and just wanted to eat some nuts that was in a bowl on the floor, it didn’t roll itself into a ball so I assume it was not in the least bit frightened.
I have decided to split the blog, as I think I may have too much to tell and show you all. I am a little worried about tomorrow. Out of the hotel by 8am, travelling to a place that does floatation down a river… clad in a wet suit, life jacket, shoes, snorkel and mask….. Then after lunch away to try quad biking!!! Best go and make sure we sleep.

Here is a link to the hotel we are staying in.
Bye for now, will let you know how everything went.
Laur xx

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