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The leaving of England

(Saturday 20 November 2010) by Brennan-adventures
Hello to you all…. How is everything with you????
The last few months have been helter skelter for us. Mike was offered a job in Brasil, the University in Southampton had got a new Vice chancellor and he is changing the University … as usual not for the better. Mike decided it was time to go, and luckily he was correct with his timings. Southampton Uni is suddenly not a nice place to work, everyone is complaining and feeling down about the new working conditions…. Now even the slush funds are being taxed !! :-|

We applied for a residents visa that allows retirees to work in Brasil. This allowed us to ship our house contents without paying tax in Brasil. We had decided to rent out our house, so a tarting up stage was started, this meant painting every internal wall and ceiling in the house….. I HATE PAINTING !!! Luckily we started this process early so it was done at a leisurely pace. :-^;-)

The visas took 9 weeks then shipping and flights had to be booked. Shipping was great as they packed, I tried to be really organised with the contents of the house being moved around into things needed immediately in Brasil and things that could be kept in boxes until we were settled.
We are staying for 10 months in Marilene and Vicente’s house… they are away in USA for 1 year and return to Brasil in October 2011, consequently we will need no furniture until after we move out of their house. We have to find somewhere to store our furniture while we live in their house, but that is a problem for later!!! :-\:-?

We are allowed 4 suitcases of 22k each. I had each suitcase packed and re-packed 3 times…. I have to take foodstuffs as well as clothes so a balancing act was necessary…. Poor Mike had clothes, shoes but unluckily no space for books/ papers in any of the 4 suitcases !!!
As the day approached for the shippers to arrive, I was so organised I was reading books the afternoon before they arrived… Then when they arrived I managed to miss them packing the small television and freeview box we were going to use until we left the house…… This Television and freeview box is absolutely useless in Brasil. There is also a table gone with no legs… another useless ornament!! :o):o)

One the day of the move, horror… The toilet cistern started leaking, Mike found a hairline crack. Now our toilet set is so old……like 20 years old the problem was….. could we still find a cistern to match???? Well we were so lucky, a plumbers merchant holds really old bathroom sets and there was a cistern to match… yippee except now Mike had to fit it. 4 hours later we were back in business and fit for renting.
We then learned we needed a CO2 alarm fitted. Off to the hardware store and back came Mike with a combined fire and CO2 alarm… Sounds good, except we already have 2 fire alarms in the house, I felt this was overkill !!! Mike went ahead and fitted the alarm, 20mins later Beeeeep a couple of seconds later Beeeeep. This continued although it was reset 4 times. Well that was good…… another trip to the hardware store the next day to exchange the faulty one, but this time we pick up just a CO2 alarm, it now works perfectly, clever Mikee ;-)

The shippers left then it was the dreaded cleaning, the house is being rented out to the army and they expect high standards…. If White gloves are rubbed on top of a door they should not pickup any dirt…. So out came the toothbrushes (to get into all the crevices) and on we plodded cleaning throughout the house. Filling lots of bags with rubbish… I cannot tell you how many times we have been to the dump over the last 3 months- We should take out shares with them.
It was decided it would be easier to stay in the house for the cleaning days, Em loaned us two camping chairs and a table. She also had given us a blow up mattress and sleeping bag. Camping in the house, now that’s a novel idea !! It worked well and every night we were so tired the bouncy mattress was little problem.

The day arrived for the handing over of the car and the house, now I was a little concerned about the car situation, I knew the clutch was needing replaced, and also had a feeling the oil pump was needing changed… I had been told how much the resale book price was for the car and had to take into account all the extra miles that were put on the car because of the driving school. Some of the garages I approached sucked their teeth and said the car mileage was too high, one garage came close to the resale price so I decided to accept his offer….. When I took the car into the garage I took his money and hurried away before he started the car!!!! 8-O:-^

Mike on move out day was soooo lazy, infact he was sitting reading the paper at 2pm… I kicked him to go to the dump, when he returned suddenly he got a bee in his bonnet and rushed around, sweeping up the garden and garage. We had to load the car with suitcases, all the stuff for Emma’s and the last trip to the dump…. It was a hold onto your seat type of journey to get to the dump in time…The dump closed at 4pm, we arrived at 3-58pm, just as we entered they closed the gates behind us… Whew. Well no time to dwell or get maudlin !! :-(
It was starting to get foggy on our journey to Emma and Tim’s…. it did not bode well for the next morning. That evening was very nice, and seemed so strange staying in their house. They have been inundated with stuff we were getting rid of; let’s hope it does not cause a domestic!!!

Next morning we awoke to thick freezing fog, luckily we had already decided to leave early, the journey was slow with the freezing fog and all the rush hour traffic going to London. Mike dropped me off at the terminal; I was manhandling a trolley with 4 huge suitcases; 2 cabin bags; 2 computer bags and my trusty vibrating cushion!!
We had time for a quick coffee and to buy some books, so another 2 bags!!! Time to load us aboard, Mike got a row of 3 seats to himself, I had a space between me and another passenger. The rear of the plane was stuffed full, but our area was not so packed. :-)
The pilot then told us there would be a delay of 90mins because of the fog, great- load us then keep us seated for another 90mins on less than comfy seats!!>:-(
Well the flight passed and we arrived 1 hour late in Rio. Marcos was waiting with his taxi to take us to the apartment. Well Mike excelled himself with the location and view from the 9th floor apartment; we look out onto Copacabana beach. The apartment has one bedroom, with a sitting room big enough for a fold out settee. The bathroom is small and from the bedroom. The Kitchen is TINY, a cooker, Fridge and sink; there is definitely not enough room for more than one person to be in there at a time…. Obviously most people eat out when staying here.
Well I think that’s you all up to date with our news so far. We are in Rio until Monday 22nd Nov then we fly to Ilha. I will not be writing a weekly blog unless something exciting happens, and in my one horse town you never know what will happen!!
Love Laur xx

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