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Our second week in Ilha

(Sunday 5 December 2010) by Brennan-adventures
Hi to you all,
Well let’s get you up to date with things various here during our second week settling in Ilha.
The week ended with me getting my hair straightened, now the product stays on your hair for 3 days; during that time you cannot get it wet. I of course chose the hottest 3 days to suffer this, and was sweating constantly I had to keep using ceramic hair straighters or Mike would have been paying out money for nothing!!! 7-)

Saturday evening around 6pm we were called to meet up in the new bar at 9pm. Very chic and the food seemed ok. Had a slight Mexican feel to it, just as we were heading home… 11-30pm, all the pretty young things started arriving, all glammed up as if it was a red carpet affair; made my skirt and tee shirt look a little underdressed!!!:-,

Sunday morning I started cooking some things, quiche and sausages so I could take them to the restaurants for lunch, all I do then is buy salad and a drink. We then got summoned to play biribol it is a little like volleyball but played in the pool, I of course could not participate but Mike had a great time!! We left around 8pm.

Monday we were back to paperwork…… This time it was needed for the shipping people. We also were collecting the deeds for our land. The copiers had loads of paperwork to copy for us and again lots of stamping and stickers. Let’s hope we manage to get it right first time, highly unlikely though!!
While out and about we met up with an amigo, he has already built his house in the same condominium as we have our land. We had seen his house during construction stage now we were invited to see it completed.
WELL FOLKS I have never seen such a fantastically beautiful house, I will try to do it justice…. Entrance through a glass door with privacy etching on the glass, into a double height salla de nada. This had a 4 small chairs, coffee table and a dining room table and chairs for 6 people…. All for show.
Two of the walls were completely glass one of them was at least 5m high. The floors were metre square cream coloured tiles with a border of bronze/gold mosaic tiles about 3” wide…. This floor was continued throughout the house.
There was a small step up, to the right hand side was the T.V. /cinema room…. 6mx6m with a huge sofa opposite a large plasma T.V. hung on the wall with a wooden background feature, there was also surround sound speakers; and a screen that dropped from the roof to watch movies/ football etc. The sound was brilliant even at max level !!! All the walls were painted white throughout the house. Back into the salla de nada space, if you walked 3m it took you through glass doors onto the outside BBq area…. More of that later.
Infront of the door from the T.V. lounge across the salla de nada was the kitchen, open plan with no windows , except about 5m high above the food preparation/ cooker hob. These opened by pulling on a cord, I am less sure about how they would be cleaned, I will try to find out !! The kitchen area was long and narrow all the worktop along one wall, beautiful black granite worktop with integrated sink and cooker hob…. No oven though !! In the middle of the room fixed to the floor was a black granite table 2m x 1.5m with 4 chairs. This was the breakfast area. To the left of this was the laundry with the strangest ironing table I have ever seen…. A granite table that had a gap between it and the wall…. 3m x 1.5m this was used for ironing… (Marilene’s maid …. Rose [pronounced Haws] uses the worktop in our laundry to iron on; I would find it a little awkward.)
Back to this fabby house… From the Laundry there was a small courtyard for drying clothes.
Back to the salla de nada….. Just to the left of the kitchen was a corridor which took you to the bedrooms, Firstly the guest bedrooms, you could fit 4 single beds comfortably in there. The next room had a king size bed and had plenty space around it, it also had built in wardrobes. The en suit was shared between these two bedrooms with a doo from each room leading into the bathroom. They had put 2 lock in the bathroom so you could still have privacy.
Then there was the master bedroom, walked in alongside the dressing room, complete with two wash basins. Behind this was a toilet, then in the bedroom a large sunken bath with another huge T.V. above it. The bed was huge and looked out onto the pool area.
The pool/BBQ area was vast, smallish pool, certainly not for Biribol or swimming in, more of a deep play pool. There was also a small sauna room… why you ask do you need a sauna in Brasil???…. Heaven knows but they are popular !!
The BBq area was about the same size as Marilene’s, but laid out in a semi circle. This is where all the cooking is done on a day to day basis…the cooker here is the workhorse. It had a huge bar area and lots of sitting space… gorgeous… one of those spaces you sit in and lose time as it is so relaxing. Well after that visit I am not so sure about building our house… I will be looking for something like this and mike will be thinking of a hut!!!! :-(:-^

Tuesdays visit to the Rotaty saw us working out the finer points of the visit by the local governor. The newbies just had to turn up, so no pressure??!! I luckily had gone prepared with a very short speech, and one of the ladies sitting next to me helped with the pronunciation, it seemed to go down well…whew!! |:-)
Wednesday was nails and waxing, an all day affair, time is really meaningless here, nobody sticks to appointment times, and if you overrun so be it …. It can be a little difficult for us who have lived by the clock and expect to do 4 things in a day…. Sorry to the folks who I say I will phone at a certain time and cannot make it back to the house!!! 8-O:-(
Friday soon arrived and I was a little tense, infact Jippy tummy !!! The hour arrived and with Mike in his suit and me in linen trousers and white shirt, off we trotted to the Hall….Now Friday had been really hot and sticky (I know You really do not need to hear about the heat with the weather you are having… sorry!!!), the Rotary venue is smallish, as this was a 3 line whip, you can imagine 100 people in 25c with no air-con…. It was a wet affair, and even the locals were dripping and complaining about the temp !!
Everyone arrived on time but the evening did not start until around 9pm, with us all sitting around the usual plastic tables and chairs covered with material and looking very glam.
There were loads of speeches and awards/badges given out… the place by now was stifling. Then it was our turn, up we were called with 7-8 other couples to be welcomed into the Rotary…. All the women got a small badge in the shape of a house with a red heart imprinted on it, this is the symbol of the house of friendship (the ladies side of things)… The men’s badge is more like the tail of a comet in blue with the rotary wheel making the start of the badge… Once we all had our badges all the other members got up and hugged and kissed us welcoming us into the Rotary… not sure if this is normally done in other parts of the world???!! ;-)
We then had more speeches then eventually about 11 pm dinner…… I had taken my own, but boy was my tummy grumbling having to wait so long!!! We left before sweet was given out, just too damned shattered in the stuffy heat.
We were going to visit Jales on Saturday to buy a water cooler. More about that next time also all the info about the xmas lights here.
Hoping your icy conditions soon lift, it must be awful, we do think of you all there.
Luv Laur xx

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