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Still in Ilha last week of Jan 2011

(Tuesday 1 February 2011) by Brennan-adventures
:-*Hi Folks,

Well another week has passed and nothing much has happened. The weekend was quiet; all we did was to go to the pub on Saturday night for a drink……
The sky was amazing though, the clouds had been forming all day and by the time it was evening they were dark and threatening. The lightening then started, a long and constant light show…. Infact Mike commented it looked like God was having a disco, he was right that is what it looked like. Small flashes all over the sky then a couple of larger flashes, then back to the small ones…. This went on for hours and did not move from above us, we did not hear any thunder, it was so strange. A couple of flashes were so bright the night sky looked like daytime.8-O I have never seen anything like it, fantastic. I managed to get some photos but they do not do it justice!!! :-(

The other things I have been doing is more cooking….. The rolls turned out really well, just like Scottish ones!! I also boiled some pork loin and that made a lovely cold cut. So now we have corned beef, chicken and cold pork for salads and rolls as well as Bacon and egg….. Definitely will not fade away eating all that lot!!!

I also made shortbread and mixed 3 different flavours… choc pieces, stem ginger and highlanders…

… (the edges are rolled in Demerara sugar)…. I have frozen them as they are far too tempting, although all who have tried them have loved them!!

Next thing tried was Naan bread, well they look the correct shape but differing recipes told different ways of cooking, I chose the oven method and I think it has made them too hard. Next time will use the frying pan.

On Monday we are having visitors, Fabricio and his soon to be Fiancé Poli. They are staying all week, hence me trying to organise some dinners in advance. I know Fabricio loves Curry but Poli has never tried it, I have made a nice mild one so let’s hope she likes it. She does like Chicken satay which is a little hot so I am sure the curry will be fine…. Fingers crossed.

Oh I have found an easy way to make Englishyfied baked beans… They now produce ready cooked beans in packets so I just have to make the sweet tomato sauce, I do not think Heinz will be suing me as they are sweeter and a different colour to the tinned variety…. Still I think they are fine.

I have been having problems with the biting insects last week…. 6 bites!!! I am so hot and sticky the repellent spray is sliding off, I am getting caught out before I realise the problem….gggrrr!!!!! >:-(

I also had to deal with a dead pigeon from the patio…. Stupid thing flew straight into the edge of a rigid canopy and twitched a couple of times before leaving this life….. I really do not like all this animal stuff!!! 7-)

Mike is working hard; mostly the rest of the department is on summer holiday, so it is quiet at the moment Fabricio is working closely with Mike at the moment, hoping to have a breakthrough with his research. Mike said yesterday that he was a busy here as he had been in U.K. At least he does not have the same travelling problems here and we can meet for lunch…

He however is becoming compulsive about some things7-):-|…. ie the boat bringing our stuff to Brasil !!! He suddenly realised on Sunday evening he could have been tracking is across the ocean….Well in 2 hours I must have had to look at the screen 20 times as it updated…. We saw it arrive; dock and hopefully unload our stuff in Sao Paulo then he has told me every day where it is now… I ask who cares!!! We have not hear from the agent in Sao Paulo yet that the container has been unloaded, maybe as it is holiday season here… let’s hope it that and not that it has fallen off the ship on the way across!!!! :-\

Well as you might have seen on Mikes face book page, we managed to get a pedestal fan in Jales… I must say there was a grand choice of one !!! Well actually we saw 5 different ones but they were really flimsy; also the height adjustment control on 4 of them was a maybe!!! If you adjusted the height of the fan it was not guaranteed to stay at that height… the control was not firm against the pole so it kept slipping…. All this for £50.00!!! :-?:-x

We found one that was secure and managed high speed without wobbling too much….It’s black so it will not show the dirt!!! I have to say it is fantastic to sit in front of it; and last night in bed I did not have a hot head for the first time since I came here…. The only way I have been able to sleep was with a wet tea towel draped over my head…. Not a pretty sight. Now just little old me and no tea towel!! I also have had a nice day working in front of the fan so not wet and sticky….<3

After we left Jales Mike’s treat for taking me was …. a swim in the river. :-\:-^ We were laughing and imagining going shopping in Southampton then having a dip in the river Test…. There were lots of people there again and this time the river was lovely and warm, the only thing that spoiled it was the communal changing areas…. Why are they universally horrible??? :-x

The weekend passed quickly but quietly. Saturday saw me take my first class in English conversation. ;-) The guys’ knowledge is fine only his pronunciation is a problem. I kept thinking… shut up and let him talk… so I must have been talking a lot !!! After 90mins I was exhausted. Still, he wants more next week, so he could not have found it too much of a problem. I think I am going to ask him more questions and give him things to read then talk about the editorial. He is hoping to change jobs and become a steward in the airline industry, he has already had 2 interviews but found he dried up when having to communicate in English…. The interviewer kept interrupting him to ask lots of questions, so I think I will do the same…. Any other suggestions… PLEASE let me know.

On Sunday we went down to the beach at the dam in Ilha; well apart from New Year I have never seen it so busy!!
There was a band playing country music in front of a shack at one end of the beach. At the other end of the beach there was a stage with rock/ modern boomy music playing. There has been a competition on for the last 3 weekends where teams of youngsters have certain tasks to complete; there is probably 16-20 in each team. The competition has been organised by the town to give the kids something to do over the summer holidays….. It certainly has been popular with the teenagers.

The end of the beach with the band had a mixed age group, mostly middle to old age!! Some of the people looked like they had come from the farms surrounding Ilha and had got dressed up in their Sunday best especially for the dance…. Well some of them, others were in swimwear. :o)

There were two funny incidents, one was an old man dancing by himself, and also on the floor (well on the concrete under the tree which was being used as the dance floor) was an old lady dancing alone. The man kept dancing towards her and tried to cut her off so she would dance with him… He looked like a male pigeon chasing a female pigeon…. and the old lady kept dancing away from him and ignoring him, it was really funny.
Then the next thing we noticed was an ancient man, he looked over 90, but was quite possibly younger maybe having had a hard life. He was dancing around with a lady… not sure if she was his wife or daughter???... she was over 60 but did not look as old as him. Well they danced and danced and danced, I was amazed at his stamina; I had thought he looked as if he could hardly walk unaided but no, he was a Macho man!! I wonder if he found it hard to move the next day!!!

The next stop was the ice cream shop… Osvaldo loved the ginger ice cream. His wife is coming to the house on Friday to learn how to make the sweet ginger pieces. His son also wants to start English conversation classes…. Mmhh do you think free ice cream for life??? :-?:-);-)

Well I think that’s all the news so far.

Hoping all is well with you all.

Laur xxx

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