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The first couple of weeks in Feb 2011

(Saturday 12 February 2011) by Brennan-adventures
Hello Peoples,
How are you all, well I hope??? Thankfully the days are getting longer with you and the temperatures getting a little warmer??? Here it’s the same, light at 6am and dark at 8pm.

I thought I’d get you up to date with things various here that has happened over the last week or two.

I think we are eventually finding some sort of routine now. I potter around the house in the morning… talking on Skype; shopping or cooking. Then meet Mike for lunch, I then have more cooking, beauty stuff or lesson planning. All too soon its 5-30 and I meet Mike at the Paderia for a snack, before bringing him home. He then goes for a run about 7pm and we eat around 8-30 to 9pm.:-O

The weekends have been lazy, up late mostly because we have watched 2 films in bed the night before!! I meet on Saturday for an English class for 1 hour in the afternoon, and then home to pick Mike for a quick trip to the ice-cream shop. On Sunday we have another lazy start, then listen to Steve Wright on the radio. Mid afternoon we then go to the coffee shop for lunch and a read of the paper, before going to the beach for a stroll. :-^

Sueli (sue-elly) came along to the house to watch how I made the stem ginger, I was organised with 3 at differing stages of preparation so she did not have to stay all afternoon. It all worked well and she was sent home with a large pot of ginger. She was telling me an easy was to toast peanuts… Microwave for 30sec….. She does ½ kilo at a time. I have yet to try it but will keep you posted.;-)

Fabricio and Poli stayed with us for a week, both of them working at the Uni during the day. Fabricio brought some Acai ( Assii-ee) and tapioca from his childhood city of Para.
Acai is a berry found growing in a particular type of palm tree, his mum visits Para often and brings some frozen berries back with her.
The tapioca is not as we know it in a pudding made with milk… This is boiled then dried, it now resembles rice crispies cereal, but tastes like polystyrene!!! It is used to give a crispy texture to the Acai gloopy mess.
Fabricio needed a blender, I did not have one; so it was decided his friend would bring one along and join us to experience the Acai. Now this stuff is high in calories and high in Vit c and other good vitamins. His friend was joining us at 10pm…. Yes you read that correctly.:-|
Fabricio then had to whizz up the semi frozen berries into what he described as a smoothy…. I thought it was more like thick mud!!! The colour is awful. :-x
Once prepared you then have it like a thick soup with the tapioca sprinkled on top, or mix it with some granola. Fabricio added loads of sugar but I did not think it needed it..... I would describe it as ok stuff, shut your eyes and it tastes of nothing really, a non descript bland taste. HOWEVER if you manage 2 bowls of it 30mins later you feel like you’ve eaten 10 tons of potatoes… it sits so heavily in your stomach, not a great thing to go to bed on !!! 7-) By the time we had eaten the Acai it was nearing 11-30pm. That night I had the strangest dreams, and did not need much breakfast the next morning. Seemingly people in the north of Brasil eat this for breakfast, as it fills them up until lunchtime !!! All I can say is once a year would be fine for me I am glad I do not need to eat it daily!!!

My next task during the week was to make some sausage rolls, this time I added some breadcrumbs to the mixture and some vegetable stock as well as herbs… the sausage meat was much improved and not so dense. I had been thinking of this as my contribution to the Rotary happy hour party…. I took some to the Rotary on Tues night for a trial, they all enjoyed them, but I was told I would need to produce 200??!! It was suggested a Pate would be better, so I am trying out a tuna pate next week… Our tastes are different to theirs so I need to check they will like the taste. If not I can make a few sausage rolls at a time and freeze them, soon I will achieve the 200!!!

The next weekend Fabricio and Poli got engaged. What happens here is most people buy plain gold rings like our wedding bands; these are exchanged as engagement rings but worn on the ring finger of the right hand. On the wedding day the same ring is then put on the ring finger of the left hand. Poli said that only really rich people would buy a diamond engagement ring similar to the ones we use. I think that would be used on the left hand as we do, and then adding a gold band when they get married. We have been told the wedding will be Jan 28th 2012.

Last week our beach stroll was a little different, there were two bands playing there, one a samba band that were young and inexperienced; I would not have booked them for a venue!! :-| The other one at the oldies end of the beach was the usual country style music.
This week however we had a transvestite dancing with his mother…. I am assuming transvestite, could well have been a guy changing sex. All I can say was I takes courage to dress as a woman in a small town, and especially to dance in front of a crowd of other spectators… Respect to him for his courage… His face was not so great but he had nice legs!!!
There is also another guy changing sex here, he works in a dress shop. At the moment I think he is proving he is committed to changing sex. Seemingly anyone wanting to change their sex has to live as that sex for 1 year before starting any hormone treatment. This guy has long hair clipped up into a loose bun, ladies flat shoes, girly glasses and a huge girly bag. He wears jeans and a tight top…. No sign of any boobies though. Again respect for working and living his dream. The only time he looks a teeny bit apprehensive is when walking past the Paderia if there is a large group of guys sitting near the pavement. It must be hard to walk tall alone, I am so humbled by his courage. I would not be so brave. Well enough about this subject; will keep you informed about any developments we see!!!

Well back to our pool saga….. BATS the one we have is stupid, although I am still not 100 % sure it’s the same one. On Sunday morning… 11am here was the bat swimming for its life; lord knows how long it had been doing breaststroke!! Well it was sneezing and trying to rid itself of water when I pulled it from the pool. It was shoved into the tree, and soon dried out.
Two days later it was back, this time Mike to the rescue…. Not knowing much about bats he used the pool net to hoik it out… Big mistake the stupid thing hooked on and he couldn’t get it out of the net into the tree…. Where did he leave it??? Full sun!!!! Luckily he told me, so out I went with a shovel and stick I managed to prise it off the net….. I didn’t hurt it, I hasten to add. Then again it was deposited into the tree. I think it has come to enjoy the evening dips, knowing it will be saved the next morning!!

The other problem I have been having is timing of beauty treatments. :-? I had my last legs waxed 2 weeks ago after 1 week there was not enough re-growth, however in 2 weeks I look like a yeti.
When the sun shone on my legs all you saw was the hair, I didn’t want to shave my legs as I was due to be waxed in 4 days however I couldn’t go to Rotary looking like a wild animal….. Well my solution? Spend 1 hour contorting my body to snip the leg hair back to a reasonable length so the yeti look was not so visible but I was still going to be able to get waxed later in the week….. I tell you it’s not easy at my age getting to the back of my calf… I was exhausted by the time I was finished!!:o)

The English language lessons are going well, although I am tired after them…. It’s really difficult to think on your feet but interesting to hear things from their angle…. Makes you think a lot !!

Mike now has a new saying for my beauty treatments… Fabricio told him they were a necessary INVESTMENT…. I liked that…. Although poor Mike has to invest a lot !!! :-(;-)
I am having a big problem with my nails splitting and peeling off, this happened in England at this time of year and I used to blame the cold??!! I have had to buy some calcium tabs to see if they help. I also decided not to use nail varnish for a while to see if that strengthens my nails.
Mike is getting very weak and lazy, when having lunch today he could not open the coke bottle screw top… The waitress had to do it for him!!! :o)
We had the health people around to check on areas within the property that could be breeding ground for the Dengue mosquito… (read on the internet about it). We got the all clear… whew!!!!
Well that’s all the news for now…. Will write again when something happens!!!
Love laur xxx

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