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The Last Blog before we return for our Easter Hols

(Friday 8 April 2011) by Brennan-adventures
Hello Friends and Rellies,
Things here in Brasil have been the normal everyday occurrences. With nothing much of interest happening. Mike is working with some students now, trying to impart the British style of learning…. Pose a problem and let them think it though to work out the answer. In Brasil teaching is mostly pose a question and they look up the answer in a book, so the British concept is much harder for them !!! 8-O}-)
He is also still working with students in Southampton and others around the world….so he really is as busy as ever.!!! The only saving grace, there is less travel time to and from work….ie 5 mins at the most!!:-p:o)

Me???? Well the English classes are taking off, infact I am having trouble fitting everyone in, I am having to work Saturdays……..God in Brasil that’s unheard of !!!! Still, although it can be a little stressful at times I do have a good laugh with them. I dread when they ask me if the word is a verb or an adjective….8-O Who knows--- that’s not my job!!!! :-^
The best fun is pronouncing the TH words and also how to say words that end in ED… I need a full waterproof body suit when practicing the TH sounds and words as the students tend to blow raspberries!!!:o)

You will be glad to hear that my gum has finally calmed down, after a course of antibiotics. I still have to use one of the mouth swillers but at least it does not take me all day in the bathroom now. Rose is happy now the mirror is not looking like a war zone !!! 0:-)

Last weekend we visited the usual haunts at the beach for a coco water and to watch the dancing. Once we had finished our drinks we saw the dam was releasing some of the water as the water level was too high. We then drove down to take some photos for you…. I know you really wanted to see it…… Ok I will rephrase that, the photo is there if you want to see it !!!
We then stopped alongside the River, the Beach area is one side of the road crossing the Dam and this river is on the other. Here there are lots of fish restaurants and houses. The sun was just beginning to start setting, so it was lovely, very tranquil and calming. I did laugh though at the recycling going on in this particular restaurant. The tyre plant holder; the cable reels that had a plastic cover over them magically became tables.
I think I have already told you about the glass beer bottles and 1 litre glass coke bottles we use here, you take them back to the supermarkets and then when they are refilled you only pay for the liquid instead of the liquid and bottle…. Great idea and one I can just about remember when I was a child. It does take up a lot of storage space at the supermarket though, so I cannot imagine it being brought back to supermarkets in U.K.

Rotary on Tuesday saw us being told to turn up at 10am on Sunday morning to help at an auction…. No idea for what or what is being auctioned…. Will let you know another time.

Well it’s not long until we arrive back in U.K. for a few weeks. We are flying out from Rio so Mike has kindly given us 3 days there before we fly to London. :-^B-);-)
In the U.K. it will be so nice to visit SHOPS, drool at all the food and actually eat steak, salmon, Haggis, white pudding, butter, cheese, oatcakes… not that I have been missing anything on the food front!!!!! :-(
Ok then peoples, you will be amazed this is such a short Blog….. will go now and organise myself for a lesson.
Love to you all and see you soon, Yipee !!

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