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Countdown 7days to Brazil and Panicking

(Friday 23 January 2009) by Brennan-adventures
What’s been happening since I last spoke to you all??
I’ve packed 2 suitcases mostly with presents and kitchen stuff… Bisto, Curry powder, Cream of Tartar and useful things like that….. I am expected to cook when I’m there.. its not all cocktails and swimwear!!

We have been on a visit up north… well Scotland to be precise visiting the oldies and having a reunion with the “High School Gang”.

Now visiting the oldies (my parents and Aunt/Uncle) was nice, a lot of reminiscing about things various, getting Skype and the cameras set up so we can talk when I’m away. The thing that mostly concerned me was the SNOW… Yes a good covering of the stuff, I of course had come prepared for Scotland in January; a thin fleece jacket and high heels!!
So you can imagine my horror seeing the snow, luckily it started to thaw after 3 hour enough for MUM to go and clear the paths…. Age of MUM? – 79yrs.
I waved from the window feeling terrible as the only flat shoes I had that fitted were slippers. Well that nightmare over and luckily none of the neighbours spotting the fact Mum had cleared the paths away we went downtown… me in my peery heels (as they say in Scotland).
I did refuse mums arm as we walked gingerly downhill in-case I landed on my back bringing her down with me!!! Well I couldn’t go to Brazil and leave her nursing her injuries could I ????

The School Friend reunion was fun, I was terrified I wouldn’t remember anyone, and definitely wouldn’t remember names. I got a couple of best friends to call out “Hello…***” as the people approached so I would know who they were…. It worked well and probably, until now as I’ve spilled the beans, nobody realised!!
I felt our gang had all worn very well and conversation flowed easily, remembering it was at least 34 years since I had seen some of them!!
Partners’ were bombarded with…. “You should have seen him/her when”…. The parners did cope very well under trying circumstances. Hopefully it was not to awful for them??!!

The most worrying thing for me was when some of this group told me how much they had enjoyed the fancy dress parties that had taken place in my house ???!!! Was I there??
I was presented with the photographic evidence but still had no memory of these damned parties. I couldn’t even recognise Mike and me on one of the photos… Gosh had I been that drunk all those years ago??
The evening passed far too quickly, and it was decided a re-run was needed with even more people next year.
The few days up in Scotland passed quickly, and suddenly I was back in Southampton stressing about the things still to do.

I think I have sorted all the paperwork out for Neil and Miriam… they are kindly looking after the house for us while we gallivant away.
Mike arrives home from France tonight (Frid). Then all hands to the pumps for the next 7 days… yipes!!!
Well guys next time I log in will be when we have got to Brasil…. I will be using their spelling of BRASIL from now on….
Which reminds me, I must listen to some Portuguese or will have forgotten all I have learned… which is not much.
Bye for now.
Laur x

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