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Our 6 hour journey to Bauru to see Ivette

(Sunday 29 March 2009) by Brennan-adventures
Hello and how are things with you all?
This will probably be the last blog for a wee while; we are back to the U.K for a month then returning here the beginning of May. We leave here on the 4th April, for us the time has passed very quickly in the last 2 months.
Still we have a party to look forward to for my Mums 80th birthday in the middle of April.
Mike has to do some work in Southampton University for that month and I have things various to sort on the house front there…. I bet it will pass in the blink of an eye.

Well what has happened here?
Yippee we got the tree cut today and all the time the men were cutting with loud machine our pet pigeon sat on her nest with the baby…. At times a little agitated but she stayed put… I was very impressed with her mothering skills. We were told the baby will soon be flying; we then have to get rid of the nest so they don’t come back.

The gardeners also cut a few bushes around the back of the house and found some Bees in one of the bushes…… The “kill everything spray” was brought out and one brave man sprayed while we ran for the hills!! There were around 30 bees very small ones…everyone got out of their way, so I assume they would sting.
We are now looking ship shape and airy instead of dark; a good job done. :-D

Lets go back now to the end of last week. I was taken to the bank, as I now had my CPF number and could have Mike’s bank account here changed to a joint account. We had to sit for around 40mins then were seen. It seemed straight forward enough. I am now waiting for my card and cheque book. We will probably have to pick them up when we return.

We then had the party for the 1 year old that night which started around 7pm. I forgot to take the camera so sorry no photos of the extravaganza !!

When the gate of the house opened there were balloon arches, balloon flowers about 3 ft high. The table with the cake on had a colourful backdrop and on the table was two huge illuminated houses made from coloured polystyrene. There were around 30 tables set out all with flowers made from paper. To weigh the pots down there was sweets inside. One table about 3ft square was filled with sweets. There were about 6 staff who served beer and drinks also “small eats”… pieces of pizza, small pastry’s etc. The little girl was taken around to meet everyone who arrived, mostly adults I may add.
At 10pm we sang happy birthday… my first real test of remembering the words!! We then left as the folding chairs were becoming a problem for us both…. So bloody uncomfortable!!!

Oh also on Friday we were told nobody else wanted to come to see Ivete Sangalo. It was explained to us how to buy the tickets..
Firstly we went to the bank and had to sit and queue for 40mins to pay in the money.
We entered the bank and took our ticket, we then were confused when the number the cashiers called out bore no resemblance to the one printed on our ticket. Mike went back to the machine and printed off other tickets all with our number on!!…. By now we suspected something was wrong and realised we had been waiting for the branch number to be called out!!
Returning to the seats we now had missed our slot, I stood up when she called out the next number and apologised to the person holding that number explained we had not understood the system… phew no more queuing!

We paid the money into the account and got a receipt. We then had to fax this with our details through to the event organisers. Marilene had asked them to send our tee-shirts through at the same time (the tee-shirt is really your ticket). We had been told Monday, or Tuesday at the latest.

Yesterday was Tuesday and I got a phone call from one of the people in the office of the events place.
Now a conversation one to one is difficult, but talking to someone on the phone is impossible, you have no other cues to pick up on. They don’t know you are not understanding what is being said, so a nightmare for us at the moment. :-|

I was being asked for more money, vipee was full and I had to pay at the post office. I had no clue if I paid before they sent the parcel; or paid for the parcel and then the Post office took the extra money for the ticket when I asked about the ticket and heard “today”.

We took ourselves to the Post office and nothing, no parcel. I then admitted defeat and called Marilene. She found out the tickets were being sent on Tues - supposed to arrive with us on Wednesday…. We are leaving to get there at 7am on Thursday morning… too close to the edge for me!!
She also found out because we were strangers and they had messed us around they were not charging us the extra for the tickets or for the posting. What happens however if they do not arrive in time is anyone’s guess!

Mike is on his way as I write this to see if the parcel has arrived. We have no idea if we are in vipee or another area; all will be revealed on Friday.
Yippee we have our tee-shirts … a fetching shade of orange, and a viscose material… so cool in the heat !! I am told people remodel them in all sorts of ways, I can see this might have to be done!!:-^

Well what a night …..
The ticket told us to arrive at 8pm, we got there at 9pm. We queued in our vipee area and viewed all the different ways the girls had re-modelled their tee-shirts. I was impressed with the off the shoulder look. I cut the hem of mine and the neck to get as much air to the body as I could manage without looking like mutton dressed as lamb!!

When we got into the place, it was a large tarmac area with a barrier. In front of the barrier was another area with a HUGE articulated lorry; it was like a transformer toy… Sides slide up or down, huge speakers along each side and on the lorry behind the cab. On top of the articulated part was the stage!! A big barrier stopped the band and Ivette from falling off the top, there were some seats at the rear of the stage area.

At the far end of the arena, in front of the front of the lorry; there was a support band playing, I didn’t think they were up to much but the locals were impressed. At the other side of the lorry to us was the camarotche’s. Really just a tiered stand that had plastic chairs to sit on if you wanted to.

In our area there was a bar area and lots of men carrying large boxes filled with ice and beer/ bottled water. They balanced these on their heads… I couldn’t imagine doing this all night!!
Well by now the time was 11pm, and still no sign of the concert starting, I was now sitting on the floor as my feet were hurting. It got to midnight and suddenly people started filling our area, the camarotche area was also filled. I asked a girl next to us was this normal for Brasil… yes concerts START
about 1PM she tells me!!!!!! Well you can imagine I had been thrilled to stand for 3½ hours just for the concert to start… What I do for love!!!*_*

At 12.35am out she comes and suddenly the crowd erupts into wild dancing and arm waving. The truck started moving through the crowd in front of us beyond the barrier… No security keeping peoples toes out of the way… The lorry then stops in front of us and there it stays all concert. Mike couldn’t have had a better view. The concert finishes a couple of hours later. My ears are still ringing yet !!
We got back to the hotel at 3-30am…. Gosh the drive home the next day was tough; still home now with just memories.
Now all I have is organising the stuff for our journey home. 1 week’s time we arrive in the U.K.
I will try to keep you up with the news when I’m in U.K.

Laur x

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