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Back in Ilha Solteira

(Monday 18 May 2009) by Brennan-adventures
Hello Folks,
It has been nice to read your comments and talk by e-mail since we returned here. I have got myself hooked up to the internet in the Library so it is much easier for me to talk on skype now… I just have to time it well for a caboosh to myself, midday here is always a good time as a mass exodus happens for lunch then. :-)

Well what has been happening here??
At the moment I am watching the blackest clouds coming over and thunder rumbling so I suspect we are in for a storm. The tree has grown and the bloody birds are still causing us (me really) a problem. We have been told that in the local paper the local council want people to destroy the nests and not to let the pigeons roost as there are too many…. Mike will not let me get rid of the nest out of the tree so on his head be it if there is trouble…. Maybe will need a whip round later for a lawyer!!

The house was still standing and nothing much had changed since we left, I did have a panic one morning when my loo sprung a leak.. Marilene to the rescue and by 5pm it was fixed. Mike says he may become a plumber here as they get paid a lot for 20min job… just like U.K. :-|

Marilene has decided to have a joint party for Vicente (her husband) and Mike’s birthday. It will be on the 22nd May at a covered outdoor venue. We have to supply the food but drinks and cooking done by others. The singer will be there so hopefully will be a good evening.
I was a little lost when she asked what food did I think… The immediate thing that sprung to mind was no Garlic; but I knew that was impossible so kept my mouth shut.
The food here is made with the same or similar ingredients to U.K. but looks and tastes completely different. I decided Marilene would have a better idea on the style here so have left that to her, and I will just be sent off to buy things.
I have offered one of my bottles of Pimms to make punch with, and that was accepted with open arms… can see it maybe a boozy night!!

The next evening… well you know what it’s like, nothing for ages then two parties in one weekend… is Cheesy/winey party held by the Rotary club… Posh frocks and long trousers!! I missed the last one we were going to 4 years ago as I had Flu, but by all accounts Mike made up for my absence… I never did get to see any photos so lord knows what he was doing!! }-)

On Mothers day we met up with Vicente, Marilene their family and the family of one of their daughter’s boyfriends. We met at the BBQ restaurant around 12-30. The queue was well out the door to be seated, nobody having reservations, and all in a jolly mood. About half an hour later we got a table. I have never seen this place so full.
We queued for salad stuff then when seated at the table, around came the men with long skewers with differing types of meat for you to choose. They then cut a piece off onto a plate; then serve the next person at the table.
The cuts of meats range from sausages; or chicken livers; or chicken wrapped in bacon; garlic coated meat; Fillet mignon; Sirloin steak; and Cupin…. This is the hump of the white cow (the same type as you see in India). The meat is tender but fatty. The better cuts of meat were very sparse in coming around, so Vicente complained and suddenly there were tons of it appearing at the table. You are so full you wobble after this meal!! …. Oh and Mike didn’t have to buy a pressie, which was a relief to both of us!!

Well it’s now Friday and we woke up this morning to overcast skies and windy, after the storm last night. The temperature is COLD.. So cold I have a jumper on and could do with a fleece and tights… There is no heating in the shops/ houses and I have not brought anything but summer clothes so let’s hope the sun comes out again soon. The digital thermometer in the street told me it was 18c??? Not a chance it feels more like 10c!! :-(
The locals have got out their coats and boots; even saw a man in a Russian type hat!!… There’s probably only one or two days in the year they can wear them comfortably. Oh hush… I see the sun is trying to come out, we will start to get warmer now.

I am going home to bake a cake this afternoon in case we are invited anywhere over the weekend. Normally here if it’s not a birthday party you take some food to a party, we usually take bread and beer, so this will surprise everyone!! Fingers crossed it works out, they use bottled gas here so the temperature is not as fierce as gas back home… oh well I am sure Mike will eat it if it flops!!

Mike has been getting up to run at 6am, any later and the temperature is too high, he runs for about 2 hours 30 mins then returns to cool off in the pool…… You can hear him I am sure at the other end of the street as he eases into cold, cold water oohing and ahhing while he does so.

On Sunday we are travelling to Bauru again, this time for a conference; Mike is giving a talk there.
I will be shopping for party stuff and lazing around. We will be coming home on Tuesday, so only a short visit.
Well I think that’s all to tell you this week, so I’ll go now and attempt this cake!!

Sorry no photos this week, nothing exciting to take!!

Take care and have fun.
Laur x

P.S. was out on Friday evening with my winter coat on…8-O ...yes you did read correctly. I did not have tights on though and once inside I started feeling warm enough to take it off. Mike has also saved a little on electricity, NO air-con for 2 nights, I even had to look out some extra blankets!! Roll on the temp rising again.

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